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Resources available in Starke County, Indiana

Process / Forms

Within the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, there are numerous resources available to assist in your housing plans, relocation issues, entertainment, business structures and more. Choose from the following links or call us if you have any questions or need additional information of any kind.

Tax phase-in (tax abatement) is available for revitalization areas in Starke County. For information about eligibility and the tax phase-in process, refer to the Tax Abatement & Criteria document.

Once tax-phase-in is granted, there are local annual reporting documents that must be filed.

Each community in Starke County has jurisdiction over its own zoning and building permit regulations, so depending on the proposed location, you will need to contact the office in each community that handles this. Those offices would be as follows:

City of Knox

A copy of the Knox Zoning Ordinance can be found here.

Town of North Judson

    310 Lane Street
    North Judson, Indiana 46366

Town of Hamlet

    10 South Starke Street
    Hamlet, Indiana 46532

Starke County

Starke County has also adopted a Building Code Ordinance modeled after the State of Indiana Code.

Regulatory Permits

The Starke County Economic Development Foundation, through its Executive Director assists in working with and directing your company to the appropriate regulatory agency. The Starke County Economic Development Foundation will quickly and efficiently work with you through Starke County and its Municipalities regulations.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation has established the Office of the Ombudsman to assist in the process of obtaining permits and approvals necessary for a business operation. The ombudsman serves as the liaison between your company, the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, and Indiana Regulatory Agencies.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management also publishes helpful materials on a variety of subjects that may affect your business, including the Small Business Guide to Environmental, Safety and Health Regulations.


Chart #1

Population Counts by Decade for Starke County

Chart #2

Starke County Population Estimates by Age

Starke County has experienced steady, moderate growth in each census taken since 1950 except for a small decrease in the 2010 Census as depicted in Chart 1 above. Chart 2 above shows a comparison based on 2010 Census figures of the different age groups found both in Starke County and the 7-County Region that adjoins Starke County, which would include the Indiana Counties of Fulton, Jasper, LaPorte, Marshall, Porter, Pulaski, and St. Joseph.

Additional and more detailed demographic information for Starke County can be found at:

Cost of Doing Business

The cost of doing business in Starke County and Indiana is extremely attractive to companies. The chart below compares the Cost of Doing Business in Indiana with eight surrounding Midwestern states by looking at total state business taxes in each state.

Starke County Midwestern States Cost Of Doing Business Comparison


All the utilities serving Starke County have representative members on the governing board of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation. This ensures cooperation and direct access to each utility's decision makers regarding new service and any issue that may develop with existing services. There are two major electric service providers serving the industrial areas of Starke County: Northern Indiana Public Service Company (“NIPSCO”) and Kankakee Valley REMC (“KV REMC”). Contact information for each of those utilities is listed below and includes the name of a contact person to facilitate your company's needs.

Natural Gas




  • City of Knox
    • Water
      • Todd Gardner
        800 Southeast Street
        Knox, Indiana 46534
        Phone: 574-772-4461
    • Sewer
      • Kelly Clemons
        310 Wythogen Park
        Knox, Indiana 46534
        Phone: 574-772-4461
  • Town of Hamlet
    • Clerk-Treasurer
      P.O. Box 181
      Hamlet, IN 46532
      Phone: 574-867-3541
  • Town of North Judson
    • Clerk-Treasurer
      310 Lane Street
      North Judson, IN 46366
      Phone: 574-896-3340


Fiber Optics

CenturyLink has installed nearly 100 miles of fiber optics cable throughout Starke County with many available pairs for use by third parties. CenturyLink can provide a complete portfolio of voice and data services including Ethernet, MPLS VPN, and dedicated internet access and more from this network.

CenturyLink - Joan A. Ludwig
Phone: 574-772-5555

T-1 Capacity Lines

CenturyLink T-1 capacity lines are available throughout all of Starke County.

CenturyLink - Joan A. Ludwig
Phone: 574-772-5555


CenturyLink DSL is available to 80% of Starke County with speeds ranging between 5.0 MB and 10 MB.

CenturyLink - Joan A. Ludwig
Phone: 574-772-5555


Northern Indiana Technologies (NITLINE) Wi-Fi is available in most of Starke County. Internet download speeds can exceed 5 Mbps with 3-5 Mbps throughput as normal.

Northern Indiana Technologies
Phone: 574-772-6106
Jerry Shepherd


For internet and existing customers who are residents of Starke County:

New customer questions: 1-877-743-2907
Existing customer questions: 1-800-366-8201

For satellite internet and telephone:

Exede Satellite Internet


Satellite Providers


Other Providers

In addition to the above, high speed internet providers may include Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T as well as local CATV provider Mediacom. Service may also be provided by satellite internet providers DISH Network and DIRECTV.