Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

Starke County, Indiana Statistics

The Starke County Labor Force has been quite steady over the past year since May after a huge spike in rate for the month of April due to COVID-19.  Chart 1 below shows the total available labor force over the past 12 months, (February - December 2020 plus January 2021) along with the numbers of employed and unemployed workers. Chart 2 below shows the unemployment rates in the County for each of the last six years by month. Chart 3 below depicts the average annual unemployment rates in Starke County and compares those rates with the State of Indiana and the United States.

Each of the charts below can be modified. You can hover over the graph bars for complete details, click on the categories underneath to turn items off/on, and you can click the hamburger icon to export the graph as an image.

Chart #1 - Starke County Labor Force

Chart #2 - Starke County Unemployment Rates

Chart #3 - Starke County Average Unemployment Rates

For additional workforce statistics for Starke County, there are three excellent sources for statistical data on Starke County:

  • STATS Indiana is the information resource for the State of Indiana. It is a service of the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business.
  • Hoosiers by the Numbers provides research and analysis for economic development and is sponsored by Indiana Workforce Development.
  • United States Census