Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.
Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc. A 90-minute drive to downtown Chicago. In the heart of Indiana, the Crossroads of America, Midway between the east coast and the Rocky Mountains In the NAFTA Super Highway corridor, One day’s drive within one-third of the population of the United States, Excellent service from class-one and short line railroads. en-us County Unemployment Rate Moves up in February For the second straight month the unemployment rate in Starke County has risen, going from 5.5% in January to 5.8% in February, according to figures issued this morning by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.  A continued rise in the number of persons in the labor force appears to be the dominant trait causing this rate to go up, as in both months, the number in the labor force has been higher than the previous month, while the number of persons employed also rose.... No Change in Indiana Unemployment Rate for February The February unemployment rate for Indiana is unchanged at 3.5%, the same as the January report, and lower than the national rate for the month of 3.8%.  An additional 7,997 jobs were added in the month.  Indiana continues to be lower than each of the four contiguous states, with Michigan at 4.0%, Kentucky at 4.1%, Illinois at 4.3%, and Ohio at 4.6%.... City of Knox Receives Housing Rehabilitation Grant The City of Knox was recently awarded a Community Development Block Grant to help rehabilitate properties in the City in the total amount of $195,000. This grant will supplement earlier efforts of the City to tear down homes that were beyond help by making grants available to homeowners to fix up houses that are worth saving with no need for such homeowners to spend any of their own funds to accomplish that.... INDOT Takes Bids on US 35 Resurfacing Project The Indiana Department of Transportation took bids on March 6 for an asphalt resurfacing project on U.S. 35 from one mile north of SR 8 to 0.4 miles north of U.S. 30.  Four bids were received for said project as follows: January Unemployment Reports Issued The U.S. Labor Department earlier this month issued its monthly report on hiring and employment for February, with the weakest numbers since September of 2017.  According to the report, about 20,000 jobs were added last month, far below a gain of 175,000 jobs that economists had predicted. This number was also far below the January jobs gains of 311,000, and might be related to the governmental shutdown or might be a rebound from so many jobs the previous month, according to some experts.  The national unemployment rate is at 4.0% for the month. Knox Elementary School Awarded 'Learn More Indiana' Grant The Indiana Commission for Higher Education has announced the winners of the 2018 Learn More Indiana Educator Grant, which supports K-12 schools with college and career readiness initiatives for students.  Learn More Indiana publishes magazines which provide content to help students get ready for college.  This year's recipients had the highest percentage of submitted student entries and includes 10 schools from all over Indiana, including Knox Elementary School, who will receive $1,0... Starke County Sheriff Appointed to Board of State Agency Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has appointed Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin to a four-year term on the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Academy Board.  The Board has as one of its duties the establishment of minimum standards for training of persons desiring to serve in law enforcement throughout the State of Indiana.  Sheriff Dulin who was just reelected to a second term as Sheriff will represent all county sheriffs in counties of less than 50,000 people on the seventeen-member Boar... National Unemployment Rate Up In January Despite Jobs Gain The unemployment rate for the United States rose to 4.0% in January, up from 3.9% in December.  This rise was unexpected by most economists who were forecasting no increase in the December rate and 170,000 jobs created.  Instead, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 304,00 new jobs were created during the month.  However, it should be noted that this number may be revised in February, just like the December increase of 312,000 new jobs was revised downward to 222,000.  Ma... City of Knox Receives Grant Funding for Wastewater System Improvements The City of Knox has been awarded $700,000 from the Wastewater Drinking Water Program for wastewater system improvements. This project will replace the mechanical screening and grit removal equipment, construct a new pre-treatment building and make improvements to the plant force main and gravity sewer. U.S. Unemployment Rate Up in December Despite Job Gains The Bureau of Labor Statistics today released the national unemployment rate for December.  The economy added 312,000 new jobs during the month, far exceeding expectations of about 176,000 jobs, which included an additional 32,000 jobs in the Manufacturing sector.