Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

Process and Forms

Within the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, there are numerous resources available to assist in your housing plans, relocation issues, entertainment, business structures and more. Choose from the following links or call us if you have any questions or need additional information of any kind.

Tax phase-in (tax abatement) is available for revitalization areas in Starke County. For information about eligibility and the tax phase-in process, refer to the Tax Abatement & Criteria document.

Once tax-phase-in is granted, there are local annual reporting documents that must be filed.

Each community in Starke County has jurisdiction over its own zoning and building permit regulations, so depending on the proposed location, you will need to contact the office in each community that handles this. Those offices would be as follows:

City of Knox
    Kenny Pfost
    101 West Washington Street
    Knox, Indiana 46534

A copy of the Knox Zoning Ordinance can be found here.

Town of North Judson
    310 Lane Street
    North Judson, Indiana 46366
Town of Hamlet
    10 South Starke Street
    Hamlet, Indiana 46532
Starke County
    Terry Stephenson
    55 East Mound Street
    Knox, Indiana 46534

Starke County has also adopted a Building Code Ordinance modeled after the State of Indiana Code.