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selected furniture picks starke county for new location

Knox, Indiana – The Starke County Economic Development Foundation (SCEDF) has announced that Selected Furniture LLC will provide 25 new jobs when it moves into the former Rockwell Building in Knox.Charles Weaver, Executive Director of the Foundation, says the firm will invest over one million dollars when it purchases, renovates and equips the 201,000 square foot industrial facility that at one time produced windows and doors.The Federal Group was the most recent manufacturer in the facility.


              Selected Furniture is a prime manufacturer of quality furnishings for the hospitality industry, including restaurant table tops and bases, booths, chairs, and barstools.At their manufacturing facility in the Orient, premium grade hardwood is cut and shaped into components and in another plant, tubular metal is made into components; both are shipped to Selected Furniture’s facility in Chicago for completion.The company has distribution centers in Jacksonville, FL, Chicago, and Los Angeles and ships throughout the country.


              Tommy Shelef, Managing Director of Selected commented:“We are excited about the possibilities that locating in Knox provide for us, especially our goal to bring the manufacturing process that is currently done in China back to the United States to this facility.The initial estimate is 25 jobs, but our long-term plan is to ultimately expand to 125 jobs.We were also pleased to find a labor force with a strong background of woodworking.”

              Shelef was especially enthusiastic about the assistance Selected Furniture received from the SCEDF and Director Charles Weaver, saying:“I cannot say enough about the outstanding assistance we received from Weaver and his organization.Without their efforts we would have certainly looked elsewhere for this expansion.Whether it was assistance from the State of Indiana and the IEDC or tax phase-in from the City of Knox, power requirement, or engineering, every answer we needed was quickly provided.The State and local assistance greatly influenced our decision to come to Indiana.”


              Knox Mayor Rick Chambers noted that bringing jobs and economic development to the City of Knox and Starke County has been the top priority of his administration and of the City Council.His response to the announcement was:“Jobs for our people has been our number one focus, and we are so pleased to welcome Selected Furniture to our community.Granting tax phase-in for both new building improvements and new manufacturing equipment is a benefit to both Selected Furniture and to our city.Current property taxes will continue to be paid.With those decisions, we were able to provide additional employment for our citizens and make a long-term investment in our community.We look forward to a long and profitable association with Selected Furniture.Working cooperatively with SCEDF and the IEDC guaranteed success for all involved but most importantly, will provide jobs for our area residents well into a bright future.”


              Starke County Commission President Kathy Norem added, “From a county standpoint, this is a win for all of Starke County, as it creates additional tax base, and most importantly, the additional 25 jobs being created will help put some of our citizens to work.”


About Selected Furniture

Selected Furniture is a vertically integrated, prime manufacturer of commercial furniture catering to the hospitality industry. Customers range from fast food chains, quick service restaurants, to fine dining. Their unique line will fit any style or budget. They can also custom build, finish, and upholster to exact specifications.For more information regarding Selected Furniture, LLC visit



The Starke County Economic Development Foundation is a not-for-profit local economic development organization (LEDO) providing economic development opportunities on behalf of Starke County, Indiana, the City of Knox, and the Towns of North Judson and Hamlet through the development of industrial parks, rail spurs, greenfield sites, shovel-ready sites, infrastructure, and workforce development.For more information regarding Starke County Economic Development Foundation, visit


About the IEDC

As a result of legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly in Feb. 2005, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) replaced the Department of Commerce as the premier entity charged with state economic development. The IEDC has a 12-member board chaired by Gov. Mitch Daniels. For more information about IEDC, please visit