Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

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The Starke County Economic Development Foundation (SCEDF) has added another new feature to its updated website ( which features economic development news for Starke County and beyond.The SCEDF website was launched in December of 2009, together with a name change and new logo for SCEDF.

The new feature is a blog on which local and area economic development news is posted on a frequent basis.The blog includes brief summaries of local projects, grants that have been awarded, unemployment updates, photographs of construction activities and celebrations of groundbreakings, as well as other economic development news derived from a variety of sources.The blog can be accessed by an RSS feed so that as new articles appear, a reader can be made aware of that fact.A frequent reader of the blog can thus keep up-to-date on the economic development news of the County and surrounding area.

According to Weaver, “This is yet another method of communication with the people we serve in Starke County and beyond.For our busy employers, it may serve as a one-stop location to keep abreast of activities in the area, while others in the community may be able to learn more about the economic development efforts being made in the County, and still others may find additional information on the website that they otherwise might not be aware of.”

SCEDF is a not-for-profit Local Economic Development Organization (LEDO) providing economic development opportunities on behalf of Starke County, Indiana, the City of Knox, and the Towns of North Judson, and Hamlet through the development of industrial parks, rail spurs, greenfield sites, shovel-ready sites, infrastructure, and workforce development.For more information regarding SCEDF, visit