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starke county companies reduce nation’s reliance on foreign oil

Starke County, Indiana – Two Starke County companies are making major contributions to the frac drilling industry primarily in North and South Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  Frac drilling is the process of extracting natural gas requiring both vertical and horizontal drilling, combined with a process known as “hydraulic fracturing.”  After the well is drilled, cased and cemented to protect groundwater and the escape of natural gas and other fluids, drillers pump large amounts of water mixed with sand and other fluids into the shale formation under high pressure to fracture the shale around the well, which allows the natural gas to flow freely to the well bore.  The amount of water typically required for hydraulic fracturing ranges from about one million gallons for a vertical well to approximately five million gallons for a vertical well with a horizontal lateral. Once the hydraulic fracturing process is completed, the used water, often referred to as “frac returns” must be reused in the next well or sent to an approved treatment facility.


Both Kruz, Inc. and Sabre Manufacturing, LLC are manufacturing tanks used in two different operations at frac drilling sites in these four states.Kruz manufactures steel trailers that are used to carry 5500 gallons of water to such sites, with the water being an integral part of such operations.The Kruz trailers are all sold to a dealer, who in turn then sells to the end users.Kruz is producing 4 trailers per week currently and by June 1, has plans to produce one per day.The end customer comes to the Kruz plant in Knox to pick up the trailers when they are ready. A picture of these trailers is found below.


Kruz also is starting to manufacture a steel drop deck trailer which would also be used at frac sites which would hold propane condensers to run drill rigs and LN 2 vaporizers for liquid nitrogen, which would be used as an alternative method of drilling, and this product would be used and purchased by a different buyer than the water trailers.This facet of the Kruz operation has directly resulted in 10 current jobs, with an additional 5-10 jobs expected by the end of 2012.

The Sabre Frac Tank is not meant to travel on the road like the Kruz trailer, but is found at some of the very same sites as one would find a Kruz trailer and is used for a wholly different purpose.The Sabre Frac Tank is hauled to a frac site and is used to hold the product that is being extracted or other liquids.Frac Tanks are bulk liquid storage containers used by fluid management companies in the environmental services, oil, and gas industries.Sabre announced plans last year to enter into a five year agreement with Wabash National Corporation in Lafayette, Indiana whereby Wabash would build up to 2500 Frac Tanks for Sabre over the length of that contract.In addition, Sabre also acquired additional property adjacent to its site in Knox which afforded them additional manufacturing space.The Sabre Frac Tanks look like the pictures found below.

About Sabre Manufacturing, LLC

Sabre Manufacturing is an environmental equipment manufacturing company operating one of the largest blast and painting facilities in Northern Indiana – over 7,500 square feet – with a main emphasis on the production of large steel environmental storage tanks, which are shipped to all parts of the United States and Canada.For more information regarding Sabre Manufacturing, LLC, visit

About Kruz, Inc.

Kruz is a high value manufacturer of steel and aluminum trailers used in the heavy construction and scrap fields, and these products are shipped throughout the United States and Canada.For more information regarding Kruz, Inc., visit




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