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sabre manufacturing announces expansion

Sabre Manufacturing LLC, a Knox, Indiana, environmental equipment manufacturing company, and the Starke County Development Foundation today announced the expansion of the Sabre Manufacturing facility in Knox, Indiana.


The expansion of the facility and new equipment will permit the company to double the capacity of its blast and paint facilities.The $500,000 expansion will create an additional 20 jobs.


Sabre Manufacturing produces temporary environmental containers known as “FRAC” tanks and “WEIR” tanks for the environmental and petroleum industries.


The start-up company began production in 2005 in the abandoned General Woodworker plant in Knox, Indiana.That facility had been purchased by the Starke County Development Foundation, the Local Economic Development Organization for Starke County, at a Starke County tax sale.The Development Foundation sold the facility to Sabre Manufacturing in 2005 upon the commitment by Sabre to employ 20 persons within 18 months of the sale.Sabre today employs 99 persons.


Jason Ries, Plant Manager, said “the expansion, which could have been located elsewhere, was located in Starke County, Indiana, because of the support by the Development Foundation and the City of Knox.”Mr. Ries further stated, “The tax phase-in offered by the City of Knox for the expansion weighed heavily in the decision to expand in Starke County.”


Charles Weaver, Executive Director of the Starke County Development Foundation, stated, “Sabre Manufacturing has fulfilled every promise it has made.This is another example of the Starke County Development Foundation’s success in rehabilitating abandoned facilities into successful manufacturing enterprises.”