Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.
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new name for starke county development foundation


Starke County, Indiana – Unveiled at its annual Holiday Open House was a new name, branding, and website for the Starke County Economic Development Foundation (SCEDF).According to Bill Sonnemaker, President, adding the word “Economic” to the former name identifies not only its new name, but the mission and function of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation.

            In referring to the organization’s new website,, Charles Weaver, Executive Director, said, “One of the needs of this organization was a website specifically designed for site consultants, industrial real estate brokers, and companies searching for new locations to establish new business.”The new website has a Site Selector Hot Button providing immediate access to information most often sought by persons seeking new locations for businesses.Pertinent information for resident companies, including forms for reports regularly required to be filed with the State of Indiana and Starke County, is also provided.



Mr. Weaver credited Diane Thalmann, SCEDF Vice President, with spearheading and shepherding the development of the new website. Diane Thalmann said, “The website will always be a work in progress with new information constantly updated and added to the site.The use of the ‘.biz’ at the end of the website address delivers the message that the organization is built for business.”

Jim Wagner, SCEDF Secretary, stated that “the new logo presents a modern, identifiable, eye-catching brand reflecting the forward movement of SCEDF.”He said that “because the organization has built a reputation for ‘Creating Opportunities and Delivering on Promises,’ it required a stand-out brand.”

            SCEDF is a not-for-profit Local Economic Development Organization (LEDO) providing economic development opportunities on behalf of Starke County, Indiana, the City of Knox, and the Towns of North Judson and Hamlet through the development of industrial parks, rail spurs, greenfield sites, shovel-ready sites, infrastructure and workforce development.For more information regarding SCEDF, visit