Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

secures energy efficiency grants

Starke County, Indiana – The Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc. (SCEDF) successfully led efforts to obtain Energy Efficiency Grants for Starke County, the City of Knox, and the Town of North Judson totaling $192,845 under a competitive bid process through the Indiana Office of Energy Development.

A total of 37 Indiana counties, cities, and towns received funding for a total of 46 projects.A total of $3,350,000 was awarded during Round 1 of these grants, with Starke County and two of its communities receiving about 6% of the total awarded.

The City of Knox applied for and was granted monies in two separate areas, the first for lighting upgrades at two fire stations, City Hall, the highway garage, and exterior lighting at the Community Center for a total of $21,650; and the second for geothermal heating and air conditioning at City Hall in the amount of $71,750.

The Town of North Judson will receive a total of $41,895 in grant funds for lighting upgrades at the Civic Center, Municipal Water Works, highway garage, sewage treatment plant, and both the new and old fire stations.

Starke County was successful in its application for a total of $57,500 for lighting upgrades at the Starke County Courthouse, County Annex, three ambulance barns, and the highway garage.



The lighting upgrades will allow for more efficient lighting at all of the above installations, and is expected to also result in utility bill savings in the future because of the increased efficiency.The new heating and air conditioning at City Hall in Knox is also expected to result in a decrease in utility bills there.

SCEDF was instrumental in alerting, leading, and coordinating the preparation of applications for all three communities for funding.The energy audit was performed by IWM Consulting, Indianapolis, Indiana.

On Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Starke County, the City of Knox, and the Town of Hamlet met at SCEDF offices to begin plans to submit new applications for Round 2 funding.

Possibilities are being examined for Round 2 applications by Starke County for HVAC upgrades at the Starke County Jail, lighting and heating sensors in all structures, and possible air conditioning and boiler upgrades in the courthouse.The City of Knox is hoping to apply to upgrade all its motors and pumps in all its sewage lift stations throughout the city; the oldest of which dates to 1970.The Town of Hamlet is also hoping to upgrade its sewage lift stations, install high-efficiency lighting all its locations, and to upgrade heating in the fire station.

The purpose of this grant program is to assist Indiana governmental units in creating and implementing strategies to reduce fossil fuel emissions in a manner that is environmentally sustainable, reduce the total energy use of the governmental units, increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and reduce energy costs through efficiency improvements and create new jobs and increase productivity to spur economic growth and community development.