Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.
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center for small business development

At a recent entrepreneurship conference in Starke County, more than 30 people learned that it takes community support to help local businesses be successful.To provide that support, the Starke County Development Foundation announces the opening of the Starke County Center for Small Business.


Why is the Foundation taking this step?“Substantial growth in employment from the expansion of existing businesses, and more importantly the growth that occurs from entrepreneurs already here, can change the future of Starke County.The goal is to create an environment to foster entrepreneurship and the resulting employment opportunities,” said Charles Weaver, Executive Director of the Starke County Development Foundation.The Starke County Center for Small Business will offer educational programs, one-on-one counseling and a mentoring program.New programs will be added as needed and identified by small businesses.


The Starke County Development Foundation has chosen Donna DeRuntz to direct and coordinate programs and staff the office.The location of the office is in the Starke County Development Foundation building at 4 N. Main Street in downtown Knox.


The first undertaking of the Starke County Center for Small Business will be a seminar on how to start a business on Tuesday, June 24.More details will be forthcoming, but if you have any questions, call 772-5123 or Donna DeRuntz at 772-8001.


“I have long admired the courage it takes to start a business,” said DeRuntz.“The greatest thing a community can do is provide support and guidance when needed.The more prosperity our businesses enjoy, the more prosperous our community will be as a whole.”


Imagine a thriving community of small businesses with the support they need.It happens often.It can happen here.The Starke County Center for Small Business is a giant step forward.