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reagent chemical and research announces another starke county expansion

Reagent Chemical and Research, Inc. (Reagent) and the Starke County Economic Development Foundation (SCEDF) today announced that Reagent will construct in the Starke County Rail Park – Knox, a 10,600 square foot facility which will house a general over-the-road truck maintenance operation, as well as repair, line, outfit, and maintain rubber-lined tanker-trailers belonging to the Reagent fleet.The investment to construct and equip the facility will exceed $1,000,000.00. Reagent already installs rubber lining in new and used rail tank cars for its use and maintains and repairs its existing fleet of rail cars at the site.


This is the second major expansion in Starke County this year. The first was by JW Hicks to construct two new facilities in the Starke County Rail Park-Knox, including a large shapes building for the steel industry. More Starke County expansion announcements are expected within the next month.


After being outfitted at the Starke County site, the rail cars and over-the-road tankers will be used to transport hydrochloric acid from Reagent’s distribution facilities located outside Indiana to its customers.  Reagent’s products are used in the food processing, energy, steel, and other industrial sectors. Reagent does not store hydrochloric acid in Knox.


Tim Gunter, Plant Manager at Reagent’s White Flyer Division in Knox said that this will be the third such maintenance operation for Reagent in the United States. The new facility will be slightly larger than the other two.Although new employees will be hired, it is not certain at the present time how many employees will be hired and when.Construction is expected to take about 6 months, with occupancy to take place in the first part of 2012. The General Contractor will be Starke County based Lowry Construction from Grovertown, Indiana.

Gunter said that “the original decision to locate in Starke County and Knox was due to the fact that Starke County and the City of Knox had the foresight to construct a Lead Railroad Track through the industrial park in 2004.The subsequent decisions to expand were in part due to the Lead Track and in part due to the continued help and assistance provided by the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, which has acted as a partner in all of the success we have achieved in Starke County.”

Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director, Charles W. Weaver, said that “we are very pleased with Reagent’s continued expansion and growth in Starke County, and look forward to continuing to work with the Company in the future.Reagent has been an excellent corporate citizen and SCEDF will continue to assist them in every way possible.”

This expansion is the third in Starke County by Reagent since Reagent’s 2005 announcement to locate its White Flyer Plant in Starke County.White Flyer is the world’s largest manufacturer of clay pigeons.  The clay pigeons are used for sport and by the U.S. Military for training purposes.Shortly after locating in what was previously a manufacturing facility built by Custom Form, Reagent in 2006 announced its first expansion and doubled the size of the White Flyer facility.In the fall of 2009, Reagent announced its plans for a second expansion to construct the rail car facility. That facility included two new buildings totaling 36,500 square feet and the construction of 6,155 lineal feet of new rail on the Regent site, and the construction by the City of Knox of 991 lineal feet of new public rail onto the Knox Lead Track.

Reagent’s White Flyer Division is the world’s largest producer and marketer of clay targets; it’s Cali’co Hardwoods Division is the world’s largest producer of fancy wood blanks for shot gun and rifle stocks, and also supplies Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Jaguar automobiles and the aero industry with hardwoods and veneers; and, its PROSYS Division is the nation’s largest manufacturer of cartridge packaging equipment, which is used by cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and adhesive producers. For more information regarding Reagent Chemical and Research, visit


The Starke County Economic Development Foundation is a not-for-profit local economic development organization (LEDO) providing economic development opportunities on behalf of Starke County, Indiana, the City of Knox, and the Towns of North Judson and Hamlet through the development of industrial parks, rail spurs, greenfield sites, shovel-ready sites, infrastructure, and workforce development.For more information regarding Starke County Economic Development Foundation, visit