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mpi products, llc: ford q1 status awarded to its knox, indiana production facility

STARKE COUNTY, INDIANA - MPI Products, LLC located in Knox, Indiana, a leading fineblanking service provider in North America, has, as of May 19, 2015, received Ford Q1 Supplier status, Ford’s highest distinction for supplier quality. MPI Products has been addressing manufacturing challenges with innovative solutions for more than 45 years. Achieving Q1 status is a milestone for companies in the pursuit of quality. This is a very prestigious award, as Q1 status has many requirements and guidelines. The Q1 status itself is a set of fundamental quality and manufacturing disciplines that ensure a supplier’s success and drive a supplier’s continual improvement. Furthermore, the supplier must maintain and improve this excellence each following year to keep the Q1 status. This status also puts discipline in place to achieve consistent excellence, and guides cooperation between Ford and its suppliers for superior quality management.
There are numerous requirements to obtain Q1 status. There are five key areas that are assessed when being considered for a Q1 status. The first, Capable Systems, evaluates the standing of the supplier. Ongoing performance and Site Action Plan are two other areas that involve how the operations are run, how effective the operations are, and the planning of Manufacturing Process Capabilities. The fourth area, Satisfied Customers, is evaluated by asking the question: Are the supplier’s customers satisfied with the service and quality they receive? The last large area of requirements revolves around Continual Improvement. The supplier must continuously improve their services and goods each following year. While suppliers must initially achieve and then maintain a performance score of more than 800, MPI currently maintains a 1400 point status.
Q1 Status acknowledges suppliers for superior quality and delivery, and the ongoing implementation of an effective quality system. Suppliers must prove capability beyond the standard ISO automotive certification requirements. Achieving this status is a lengthy process but once received is an acknowledgement that MPI is a supplier that stands among the best in the world, qualifies for consideration on Ford ‘s World Excellence Award, and gives MPI a preferred status for new sourcing with Ford. MPI will receive a flag to display at the company’s plant, as well as a certificate. A special flag raising ceremony will be held at MPI on September 16, 2015.
Jim Hann, Plant Manager said that “MPI is proud to be named a recipient of the Ford Q1 Certification. This distinction was made possible by the commitment of all of our employees to produce quality products, and deliver them on time. I am proud of our entire workforce for the hard work that they have done to make this possible, and we will fly the Ford Q1 flag with pride at our Knox, Indiana location.”
MPI Products LLC runs the company’s Indiana fineblanking branch out of Knox, Indiana. Fineblanking is a cold forming process for moderate to high volume production of precision components. After the part has been formed, the tool is opened and the part and slugs are ejected from the tool. The fineblank products are robust tools featuring tight clearances between elements that are generally one-half of one percent of material thickness. To obtain this status, MPI Products has successfully delivered high quality products for ultimate customer approval. MPI has also been inspected in the areas listed, and have passed in all areas. As a supplier with a Q1 status, MPI Products, LLC will strive to continuously improve the quality of their services and products.

MPI is a global leader in the technology of fineblanking. Since its foundation in 1969, MPI has grown steadily under stable leadership, sound business practices, and a corporate culture that strives to be the best within their industry. The core of their organizational strength resides in the knowledge, dedication, and values of their people. Today, MPI is a highly competent supplier of sophisticated components and subassemblies. The value of their products is complemented by a broad scope of manufacturing capabilities. For more information regarding MPI Products, LLC, visit


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