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kemin industries, inc.

NORTH JUDSON, Ind., May 28, 2014 - How much do you know about the successful industries here in Starke County, Indiana?  Kemin Industries, Inc., located in North Judson, has proven to be very successful since founded in 1961.


In 2010, Kemin began working with North Judson mint farmers, the Lambert family, to construct a manufacturing facility that Kemin now uses to process its proprietary spearmint. This facility processes a special variety of spearmint that has both flavoring and preservation properties. Through a process of breeding, screening, testing, growing, and extracting, Kemin scientists have developed proprietary lines of plants that produce natural molecules. These natural molecules are being used to improve the lives of humans and animals around the world, as well as the health, nutrition, and beauty markets. Kemin currently manufacturers more than 500 specialty ingredients that deliver important nutrition and health benefits through products consumed by people and animals.


Recently, this Starke County facility has been making an impact on the global scale. Biofortis, a global contract research organization, has presented a new human study using Kemin’s patent-pending spearmint extract containing phenolic complex K110-42. With this new experiment taking place, it suggested this ingredient may improve cognitive health and cognitive performance in older adults.


After performing a 30-day experiment of Kemin’s spearmint supplementation on several older individuals, Biofortis researchers found positive results. The experiment was proven to show improvements in the individual’s subjective memory scores and in computer cognitive tests designed to measure reasoning, attention, and planning. Researchers also concluded acute benefits on the first day of supplementation, including attention, concentration, and planning.


Corey Jansen, global product manager for Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, told Nutraingredients-USA that the company is planning on launching the ingredient later in 2014. He also added that the company is growing its patent-pending mint within the United States.


Kemin and Lambert were also named co-recipient of the Chanute Prize for team innovation by the Society of Innovators at a special ceremony last fall. During the ceremony, they were recognized for their innovative growing and post-harvest processes for patented spearmint varieties. With Kemin’s level of quality, service, technical expertise, and research, they believe the industry will grow to have a positive impact on billions of people’s lives. Starke County would like to congratulate the Kemin Industries, Inc. for their superb research and development all over the world.