Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

starke county economic development foundation facilitates bbc visit to county

The Starke County Economic Development Foundation (SCEDF) was the contact point for the recent visit to Starke County of a reporter and a producer/cameraman from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World News on the topic of an issue always at the forefront in the Hoosier State – time zones.The BBC is doing a story on time zones around the world and how they affect the way people live their lives, highlighting areas where there are a number of time zones in a small area.Starke County and Indiana will be the focus of that part of the report talking about time zones in America.

              Reporter Rajini Vaidyanathan came to Starke County from Washington D.C. together with Ramon Goni, a cameraman from New York City, based on some preliminary research she had done on the State of Indiana having more than one time zone and in turn, Starke County, because of the fact that the County has been in and out of both the Eastern and Central time zones on more than one occasion.Vaidyanathan contacted the SCEDF office on Tuesday late morning, discussed what she was hoping to do, and she arrived the next morning to film the story, relying on contacts supplied to her by SCEDF.While in Starke County, the BBC crew filmed Charles W. Weaver, Executive Director of SCEDF who obtained permission to do such filming in the Starke County Courthouse clock tower, climbing 144 steps to get there.While in the clock tower, the gears of the clock as well as its face were filmed in the background of the interview with Weaver, who was asked, among other things, to try and explain to an international audience how literally, one could go five minutes down the road and find themselves in a different time zone.

              SCEDF also facilitated the BBC crew in meeting with the local radio station where they filmed and interviewed station representatives about how they deliver the news across two time zones, and also helped arrange the crew being able to ride a school bus from Starke County to the Culver schools while interviewing a student on what it is like to live in one time zone and attend school in another.The Culver school system is unique in that it not only straddles four different counties, but also one of the three counties (Starke) is in the Central time zone, while the other three are in the Eastern time zone.

              The finished product will air on the BBC website, where there will be a world map showing time zones, and a click on the American part of the map will allow someone to watch the video that was filmed in Starke County.The tentative date of airing is March 24th or 25th, and the BBC World News website can be found at

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