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State Unemployment Rates Show Sign of COVID-19 in April Reporting

The Bureau of Labor Statistics today issued its unemployment report for all 50 states for the month of April.  The March reports were mostly based on data from early in March, so this is the first month when the reported large jump in unemployment claims has resulted in a large spike in the rates.  Indiana reported a total loss of 40,000 jobs for the month, mostly in the Leisure and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Private Educational, and Health Services sectors, resulting in a rate of 16.9%, up from 3.2% in March.

Neighboring Midwestern states also reflected large increases in their rates, with Michigan going from 4.1% up to 22.7%; Ohio went from 5.5% up to 16.8%; Kentucky went from 5.8% up to 15.4%; and Illinois went from 4.6% up to 16.4%.