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Starke County School Districts Honored by Indiana Commission for Higher Education and INvestEd

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education and INvestEd recently honored Indiana school districts who met one or both goals set by the Commission to encourage education beyond high school.  The two goals are that 70% of senior students file their FAFSA application on or before April 15 and that 70% of graduating seniors who are part of the 21st Century Scholars Program have completed the Scholar Success Program, which is a requirement for all persons in that program.  FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a requirement for any student seeking federal or state aid to attend schools beyond high school.

Knox Community High School successfully met both of these goals, one of 191 high schools in Indiana to do that.  In addition Oregon Davis Jr-Sr High School met the second goal, but fell short of meeting the FAFSA goal, one of 203 Indiana high schools to meet the Scholar Success goal.

Congratulations to both high schools.