Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

Starke County Airport Receives Grant to Extend Runway

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) just recently announced 217 grants to 181 airports across the United States.  One of those airports was the Starke County Airport which will receive a grant for $882,900 to extend runway 18-36 from 4,400 feet to 5,001 feet.  In addition, a portion of the grant will upgrade the Runway End Identifier Lights and the Taxiway Connector Lights to Light Emitting Diode (LED).  The Precision Approach Path Indicators will also be replaced with new Quartz lighting according to Pam Beharry, Airport Manager.

The longer runway is needed for safety and liability purposes so that the Airport can accommodate light and mid turboprop jets.  While it may be possible to begin on said project in 2018, a more reasonable timetable may be starting in the Spring of 2019.