Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

October Unemployment Reports

While the national unemployment rate was unchanged for the month of October at 3.7%, the State of Indiana also stayed the same at 3.5%.  The story was different for Indiana counties, as 91 out of 92 counties saw a dramatic increase in their unemployment rates averaging 0.06% across the board.  Starke County was no different, as the rate changed 0.05% from an adjusted 3.6% rate in September to 4.1% in October.  

As far as surrounding states, Michigan increased to 4.0%, Illinois fell to 4.1%, and Ohio and Kentucky each saw no change, with Ohio at 4.6% and Kentucky at 4.5%

Neighboring counties increased in a range of 0.03% in Pulaski County to 0.06% in Marshall and St. Joseph counties.