Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Inc.

Executive Director Welcome

Wickert, Larry

When the Starke County Economic Development Foundation told a Fortune 500 company, that we “Create Opportunities and Deliver on Promises,” they politely replied, “Prove it.”

We did—with a $4-million infrastructure package that included roadway improvements, water and sewer extensions, purchasing land, and acquiring a wetlands mitigation permit (acquired in less than five months). Funding was crafted from, among other sources, an innovative within-the-fence application of TIF bonds. We brought together a team of government entities, from the Town Council and the County Commissioners to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

When a second Fortune 500 company said “Prove it”, we built more than one mile of Lead Rail Track with a new rail spur through the Knox Industrial Park to the company’s rail head, all operated on by the Norfolk Southern Railway.

When a manufacturing firm said they needed welders, we began a two-year high school daytime welding school and an evening adult welding training center producing high school graduates completing the SENSE program and both adult and high school welders graduates that have each earned several AWS welding certificates.

Require expertise in automation, robotics and equipment maintenance, come watch our high school and adult training programs produce the employee that you want and need.

We invite you to discover this special kind of economic development welcome we offer to every business looking to locate in Starke County. Some key advantages demonstrate that we are not your average LEDO.

You will be welcomed with our expertise. Our executive team brings more than 80 years of economic development and law practice in the fields of corporate law, government law, Governmental and Industrial Revenue Bonds, regulatory law, contracts, banking and real estate law.

You will be welcomed with cooperation at all levels of government. You will be treated with respect and special consideration by local governments that value your company’s presence and by an organization that will not only work for you but is respected by all levels of government.

Your welcome will continue long after your company locates in Starke County. Business retention is always our priority.

We get the job done, down to the finest detail. Contact us, and ask us to prove it. I will personally see to that.

Larry Wickert
Executive Director