County Unemployment Rate Edges Up Slightly in November

by rgifford Fri, December 20 2013 19:35

The Starke County unemployment rate rose from 8.1% in October to 8.2% in November, a trend followed by 72 other Indiana counties during November. Only 15 counties in the state saw their rate drop, while another 4 counties experienced no change.  The Starke County rate is still well below the rate that was in place at the beginning of 2013.

Despite these numbers, the Indiana rate dropped from 7.5% in October to 7.3% in November on the strength of adding 25,300 private sector jobs, which was the largest one-month increase in Indiana on record. Manufacturing jobs added 4,800 of these new jobs. The Indiana rate makes it the lowest among all states that are contiguous to Indiana.

National Unemployment Rate Hits New Five Year Low

by rgifford Fri, December 06 2013 17:15

With the addition of 203,000 jobs in November, the U.S. unemployment rate has decreased to 7.0%, the lowest rate in the last five years.  Economic analysts had predicted an increase of about 185,000 jobs for the month.

Starke County Registers Lowest Unemployment Rate Since October of 2008

by rgifford Fri, November 22 2013 20:58

The October unemployment report issued this morning by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) listed Starke County with a rate of 8.1%, up slightly from September's rate of 8.0%. The October rate is the lowest rate recorded for the County since the 7.7% rate in October of 2008, the start of the great recession. Since January of this year, the county rate has fallen from 12.4% to 8.1%. In addition the labor force has risen from 10,195 to 10,419 in that same time period. The County recorded its fourth month in a row out of the top 10 counties with the highest rate of unemployment, and for the month, finished in 17th place out of 92 counties in Indiana.  That marks its best showing since June of 2007 when the county finished 19th.

Indiana also caught up with Ohio, as each recorded a rate of 7.5% for October, besting Michigan at 9.0%, Illinois at 8.9%, and Kentucky at 8.4%.  Indiana saw private sector employment grow by 6,600 jobs for the month, with manufacturing jobs leading the way.

National Unemployment Rate Rises During October

by rgifford Fri, November 08 2013 18:24

The US Department of Labor issued its October jobs report earlier this morning, finding that the unemployment rate nationally rose from 7.2% in September to 7.3% in October, due at least in part to the federal furlough which took place for the first three weeks of that month.  Despite that fact, 204,000 jobs were added in October, almost all of which came from private employers.  This was about twice as many jobs as economists thought might have been added that month.

The Starke County Youth Club Receives 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant

by rgifford Mon, November 04 2013 19:58

The Starke County Youth Club (SCYC), now in its 12th year of providing after-school activities to all three Starke County school corporations, has received  a 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant in the amount of $226,000 from the Indiana Department of Education to assist that organization in meeting the needs of Starke County youth.  SCYC utilizes research based curriculum, standards based lesson plans, interactive activities, plus homework and tutoring to help make student achievement possible.  SCYC sponsors both a school year after-school session as well as a summer session, and serves over 200 elementary students in the County.

This grant program has four broad goals, including increasing academic achievement, improving student behavior outcomes, increasing family involvement, and increasing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) opportunities.  The grant will be used to cover part of the cost of staff, supplies,and evaluation services, as well as curriculum and some transportation expenses.  SCYC was one of 75 agencies that applied for funding and was one of 24 projects selected for funding.  Grant monies are a component of No Child Left Behind and is a state formula grant intended specifically to assist students who attend high-poverty schools.

SCYC is continuing services that bridge the gap for students and families to build a brighter tomorrow, where their mutual goals can be reached.



Tax Foundation Continues to Rank Indiana Highly in State Business Tax Climate Index for 2014

by rgifford Thu, October 10 2013 19:33

The Washington D.C. based Tax Foundation has just released its 2014 annual State Business Tax Climate Index, which ranks from 1 (the best) to 50 (the worst) state tax systems in the United States.  The State of Indiana was ranked #10 in this year's index, up from #11 last year, which was the highest ranking for any Midwestern State.  The overall index is composed of five specific indexes devoted to major features of a state's tax system:  the state's major business tax, whether a corporate income tax or a gross receipts tax; the individual income tax; the general and selective sales taxes; the unemployment insurance tax; and asset-based taxes including property taxes.  Each state's laws were assessed as of July 1, 2013.

Other Midwestern states and their 2014 rankings are  follows:

Michigan was #14, down from last year's #12

Illinois was #31, down from last year's #29

Ohio was the same as last year at #39

Kentucky was #27, down from last year's 31

Indiana scored the best in the categories of Property Tax (#5) and Corporate Tax (#9).



INDOT To Hold Seasonal Winter Program Workers Job Fair

by rgifford Mon, September 30 2013 19:43

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is looking to hire as many as 30 Seasonal Winter Program Workers at a job fair next week. Potential employees should attend the job fair on Friday, October 4th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (CST), located at the INDOT Gary Subdistrict (7601 Melton Road, Gary, IN 46404). Successful hires will work as seasonal INDOT maintenance crew staff, and as plow drivers during snow events this winter. Positions are available based out of Gary, Rensselaer, Winamac, and Monticello. 

Applicants Must Have

• Valid CDL

 High School Diploma or equivalent

 Ability to pass a drug test successfully 

Priority at the job fair will be given to those who apply online in advance at http://www.in.gov/spd/2334.htm under the Job Bank ID #586315.



County Unemployment Rate Drops Again in August

by rgifford Fri, September 20 2013 19:47

Ninety-one of ninety-two Indiana counties saw a decrease in their unemployment rate between July and August, leading to a .3% drop in the overall Indiana rate for the same time period.  The national rate fell also, from 7.7% down to 7.3%.

Starke County had a 1.0% drop from 9.8% to 8.8%, which led the area in terms of percentage decrease.  This marks the third consecutive month of decline since the May rate of 10.1% and it is the lowest rate in the past five years for the County.

Indiana added 3000 manufacturing jobs during the month, and the state experienced the largest percentage decrease of all of the states contiguous to it. The 8.1% rate puts Indiana behind only Ohio at 7.3%.

County Unemployment Rate Drops in July

by rgifford Wed, August 21 2013 18:02

The Starke County unemployment rate fell considerably in the month of July according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD). The rate for the month was 9.8%, down from 10.4% in June.  The State rate remained the same as in June at 8.4%.  The number of unemployed County residents fell to its lowest number since October of 2012, with 1,001 unemployed.

Contiguous states to Indiana reported rates ranging from a low of 7.2% in Ohio to a high of 9.2% in Illinois.  The U.S. rate for the month was 7.4%.

County and State Unemployment Rates Rise in June

by rgifford Fri, July 19 2013 17:11

Ninety of Indiana's ninety-two counties saw an increase in their unemployment rates from May to June with fifty-four of those counties seeing an increase of .5% or more.  Only one county saw a decrease and one county remain unchanged. The Indiana rate went up .1% to 8.4%, while the national rate remained unchanged at 7.6%.  Neighboring state rates also increased with Michigan at 8.7%, Illinois at 9.2%, Ohio at 7.2%, and Kentucky at 8.4%.  Private sector employment grew in Indiana by 5,300 jobs in June, with 4,300 of those jobs coming in the manufacturing sector.

Starke County went up .3% from 10.1% to 10.4%, and three adjoining counties saw an increase of .5% and one a ,4% increase

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