Number of New Jobs Created in August Slips

by rgifford Fri, September 05 2014 18:13

The U.S. Department of Labor reported this morning that the number of new jobs created in August slipped below the 200,000 level for the first time since January of this year. Only 142,000 new jobs were reported for the month, but despite that decrease, the national unemployment rate fell .1% from 6.2% in July to 6.1% in August.


Bids Taken on SR 8 Resurfacing Project

by rgifford Thu, August 21 2014 23:50

The Indiana Department of Transportation took bids earlier today on the asphalt resurfacing of SR 8 from SR 39 to US 35. The apparent low bidder was Rieth Riley Construction with their bid of $1,799,991.15. Other bidders and their bids were E&B Paving at $1,875,934.77 and Walsh & Kelly, Inc, at $1,880,460.44. The engineer's estimate for this project was $1,910,000.00.



Starke County Continues Decline in Unemployment Rate

by rgifford Wed, August 20 2014 18:30

Starke County saw a .2% drop in its reported unemployment rate for July according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD), down to 6.5% from 6.7% in June. This marks the lowest unemployment rate for the county since April of 2008 when it was 6.2%. The rate in the county has dropped from 8.4% in January of this year. In addition, the labor force has grown from 9,388 in January to 10,543 in July.

For the month of July, a total of 88 of Indiana's counties showed a decrease in their rate from the previous month while the state as a whole remained at 5.9%, unchanged from June.

Indiana Unemployment Rate Holds Steady in July

by rgifford Mon, August 18 2014 18:23

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) issued its July unemployment report this morning. Despite gaining another 9,900 private sector jobs, mostly in the manufacturing sector, the unemployment rate held steady at 5.9%, due mostly to another increase in the size of the labor force, which has grown by more than 54,000 people in the past year.

The US unemployment rate had been reported earlier and went up slightly in July to 6.2%.

County and city rates will be issued on Tuesday of this week.  The Starke County rate for June was 6.6%.

Launch Your Own Business Workshop Scheduled in Pulaski County

by rgifford Thu, August 14 2014 20:31

Workshop guides emerging entrepreneurs


Winamac | The Northwest ISBDC continues to offer new and emerging entrepreneurs start-up assistance through its Launch Your Own Business Workshop: A Sound and Proven Path.

The workshop will be offered from 7 to 9 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, 16 Sept., at the Pulaski County Public Library, 121 S. Riverside Drive. Ron Gifford, Northwest ISBDC Business Advisor for Pulaski and Starke Counties will be the instructor.

The workshop is a first step toward owning a successful small business and it aims to help entrepreneurs evaluate their business ideas, prepare a sound business plan, manage expectations and increase chances of accessing capital.

Workshop topics include identifying personal objectives, skills and resources; describing your business idea and requirements; developing a sales forecast; identifying start-up expenses; estimating your operating budget; and analyzing your feasibility results.

There will be no charge, as the event is being sponsored by the Pulaski County Community Development Commission. To register to attend, please contact the CDC at 574-946-3869 or nporiger@pulaskionline.org by 4:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, 9 Sept.

The workshop is based on the ISBDC's A Sound and Proven Path Towards Launching Your Own Business Workbook, available at all ISBDC offices. A free copy of this 60-page step-by-step workbook will be distributed to participants and used during the class.

NW-ISBDC advisers are available for no-cost one-on-one business consulting, which includes market research and financial diagnostic reports, to help new entrepreneurs implement their strategic plans and provide ongoing guidance as they grow their businesses.

Serving seven counties in the region, the NW-ISBDC offers no-cost assistance for entrepreneurs starting or expanding their businesses. Through one-on-one consulting, the NWI SBDC helps guide small businesses toward their goals by offering referrals, workshops, training opportunities and other essential business tools. It is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Small Business Administration, the State of Indiana and other local partners.


For more information, visit www.nwisbdc.org



Job Openings Up Nationally

by rgifford Thu, August 14 2014 17:15

The United States Department of Labor issued a new report this week finding that job openings rose in June to their highest level since February of 2001, a span of more than 13 years.  The number of unfilled positions climbed by 94,000 to 4.67 million, meaning that there are about two unemployed people vying for each job opening.

Starke County Unemployment Rate Holds Steady in June While Most of Indiana Goes Up

by rgifford Fri, July 18 2014 19:50

The unemployment rate for Starke County remained at 6.6% for the second month in a row according to a release from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) this morning.  That rate is the lowest rate in Starke County in at least the last 5 years,  All counties contiguous to Starke County went up in rates in June with the exception of Fulton.  Fulton was one of only 6 counties that saw a decrease in its rate, and Starke was one of two counties which were unchanged.  The balance of 84 counties saw an increse in their rates.

The State of Indiana also experienced an increase from 5.7% up to 5.9% which DWD said was the result of 4,000 additional people joining the labor force.

Indiana 2020 STEM Projections

by rgifford Tue, July 15 2014 16:53

The Indiana Business Research Center at IU's Kelley School of Business has issued a report on where Indiana stands with respect to STEM jobs in the future. According to this report, there are about 170 STEM occupations in Indiana's workforce, which made up 331,000 jobs in 2010, or about 11.4% of all jobs in Indiana. The national average is about 12.7% of all jobs being defined as STEM.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) projects that all jobs will grow about 13.9% in Indiana from 2010 to 2020, with STEM jobs projected to grow by 21.2%, and by 2020, STEM jobs will have grown to represent 12.1% of all jobs in Indiana.

The majority of STEM jobs in Indiana are projected to be in the health care domain, including practitioners and technologists, with the types of occupations to be predominately research oriented or technical in nature. Almost 96% of these jobs will require training, certification, or a college degree beyond a high school diploma.



Norfolk Southern to Make Railroad Repairs to Four Starke County Crossings

by rgifford Mon, July 14 2014 18:37

Norfolk Southern Railroad has advised Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler that they plan to close four railroad crossings in Starke County for repairs. Norfolk Southern says that the crossings would not all be shut down at once and say the work will take between one and two weeks to complete.  Crossings scheduled for repairs are: 700 East just north of 150 South, 150 South East of 700 East, 200 South west of State Road 23 and 225 South East of State Road 23. No exact dates for said closings have been announced yet.



2012 Census of Agriculture Released

by rgifford Fri, July 11 2014 17:01

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has just released its 2012 Census of Agriculture. Every five years, the Department surveys agricultural producers across the country. In December of 2012, 3 million surveys were sent out to producers of all sizes, and the results are interesting for Indiana.

  • Indiana had about 58.700 farms spread out over 4,720,400 acres, a 12% decline in the number of farms and a 5.2% decline in the number of acres since 1997.
  • For every 10 acres in farmland, 8.5 acres were dedicated to crops, 0.7 acres to woodlands, and the remainder was in other land uses.
  • The average Indiana farm was 251 acres, which has grown 7.7% since 1997
  • There are fewer medium size farms (defined as 50-999 acres)
  • The vast majority of Indiana farms are still family farms (87%)
  • Indiana had about 88,000 people involved in farming (about 2.8% of U.S. total)
  • The average age of Indiana's farmers is 54 years old, while the U.S. average runs about 56 years old
Starke County had 511 farms, with 379 of those falling in the 10-179 acres category. A total farm acreage of 133,459 acres was reported, with the average farm being 261 acres. The agricultural products raised had a market value of $69,766,000.
For more information about the 2012 Census, visit http://www.agcensus.usda.gov/



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