National Unemployment Rate Dips on Strong Job Numbers

by rgifford Fri, November 06 2015 17:45

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 5.0% in October, down slightly from the 5.1% recorded in September.  The dip was due in part to a healthy increase in the number of new jobs created during the month, as that figure reached 271,000.

Starke County Unemployment Rate Lowest Since 2007

by rgifford Wed, October 21 2015 22:13

The Starke County unemployment rate as reported by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development has fallen to its lowest point since September of 2007. The 5.0% rate announced for September is down 0.4% from August in a month when all 92 Indiana Counties recorded lower rates than in August. For Starke County, this rate continues a downward spiral since January this year of a full 4%, from 9.0% in January to 5.0% in September.

Indiana Unemployment Rate Continues to Improve

by rgifford Tue, October 20 2015 19:14

Indiana saw a 0.1 percent decrease in its unemployment rate for the month of September, dipping to 4.5%, the lowest rate since July of 2007. An additional 500 jobs were created in the manufacturing sector for the month, and private sector unemployment increased by a total of 6,600 jobs. Indiana is now below the national unemployment rate by 0.6%.

Indiana also continues to lead all of the states that are contiguous, with Ohio at 4.6%, Kentucky and Michigan at 5.0%, and Illinois at 5.4%.

National Unemployment Rate Unchanged for September

by rgifford Mon, October 05 2015 17:00

The U.S. unemployment rate for September remained at 5.1% despite less than expected new jobs created during the month.  Only 142,000 jobs were created last month, far less than the 220,000 expected, and in addition, the  number of new jobs announced for August were decreased from what was originally announced.

Starke County Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.5%

by rgifford Mon, September 21 2015 23:50

The unemployment rate in Starke County dipped to its lowest rate since November of 2007 in August. The 5.5% recorded in August tied that November of 2007 rate. That was a .3% decrease from the rate recorded in July of this year, and a drop from 9,0% reported in January of this year.

Indiana Unemployment Rate Continues to Drop

by rgifford Fri, September 18 2015 19:05

The Indiana unemployment rate dipped to 4.6% in August, down from July's reported rate of 4.7%. Manufacturing jobs added last month amounted to a small increase of 300 new jobs. Indiana continues to have the lowest unemployment rate among its contiguous Midwest states, with Illinois at 5.6%, Kentucky at 5.2%, Michigan at 5.1%, and Ohio at 4.7%.

National Unemployment Rate Drops in August

by rgifford Tue, September 08 2015 16:23

The unemployment rate in the United States feel to 5.1% in August on the strength of adding 173,00 jobs nationally. While analysts expected job gains nearer to 220,000 for the month, the rate for the month still fell from the 5.3% registered in July.

Unemployment Rate Experiences Small Uptick in July

by rgifford Tue, August 25 2015 20:36

While the State of Indiana saw a .2% decrease in July, down to 4.7%, Starke County was one of 36 counties that saw an increase. In Starke County, the rate grew from 5.7% in June to 5.8% in July. Neighboring states all had a higher rate than Indiana for the month.

Indiana Unemployment Rate Decreases as Historical Peak Employment Level Achieved

by rgifford Fri, August 21 2015 19:10

Indiana has now reached its historical peak level of employment with 4,800 jobs added in July which contributed to a decrease in its unemployment rate to 4.7%, down from 4.9% in June. This put Indiana as the Midwest state with the lowest unemployment rate, surpassing Illinois (5.8%), Kentucky (5.2%), Michigan (5.3%), and Ohio (5.0%). The rate for July is also the lowest that has been seen since November of 2007.

Indiana is Number 1 in Cost of Doing Business in Latest CNBC "America's Top States for Business"

by rgifford Mon, August 17 2015 20:03

Indiana has been ranked as 13th in the nation overall in CNBC's latest version of its America's Top States for Business Report.  Indiana ranked first in cost of doing business, and also did well in the categories of economy and cost of living, The report cites the ongoing reductions in the state's personal tax and corporate tax rates, and its AAA credit rating as principal reasons for its standing.



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