INDOT Awards Bid for Bridge Rehabilitation in Starke County

by rgifford Wed, April 13 2016 21:58

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) today awarded the bid for rehabilitation of a bridge on US 30 over the Robbins Ditch, 0.41 miles west of US 35 in Starke County.  The successful bidder was Northern Indiana Construction from Mishawaka, Indiana on their bid of $421,556.90.  Four additional bidders bid from a low of $598,470.38 to a high of $692,932.80.  The engineering estimate was listed at $556,000.



Indiana and All Counties Experience Increase in Unemployment Rates for February

by rgifford Mon, March 28 2016 20:55

For the second month in a row, all 92 Indiana counties reported an increase in their unemployment rate in the February report issued this morning by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.Indiana also reported an increase, going from 4.6 in January to 4.7 in February.  However, Indiana's rate still remains lower than its contiguous states, with Illinois at 6.4, Michigan at 4.8, Ohio at 4.9, and Kentucky at 5.8.

Starke County went from an adjusted rate of 6.8% in January to 7.3% in February, with very similar results for the counties contiguous to Starke.

State Unemployment Rate Unchanged for January

by rgifford Mon, March 14 2016 22:17

The Indiana unemployment rate remained at 4.6% for January, the same as reported for December after an adjustment to the previously announced rate for that month. The rate for January kept Indiana at the lowest rate for the contiguous states of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky, all of whom were higher than 4.6%.

The Port of Indiana - Burns Harbor Reports on 2015 Shipping

by rgifford Fri, February 05 2016 17:30

The Port of Indiana - Burns Harbor has reported that 2.8 million tons of cargo was handled this past year, which was the second highest level of cargo tonnage in over 20 years.



National Unemployment Rate Falls in January

by rgifford Fri, February 05 2016 17:01

The Department of Labor issued its jobs report for January this morning, finding that 151,000 jobs were added during the month, bring the national unemployment rate below 5% for the first time since February of 2008. The rate for January was 4.9%, down from 5.0% in December.

Starke County Unemployment Rate Jumps in December

by rgifford Thu, January 28 2016 00:16

Starke County was one of 60 Indiana counties that experienced a fairly hefty jump in unemployment rate for the month of December, going from 5.6% in November to 6.4% in December.  Only 15 counties went down in December while another 17 counties saw no change in their rate.

Starke County saw its labor force numbers drop by 31, its employed number fall by 114 and its unemployed number go up by 83 persons from November to December. All of the counties that are contiguous to Starke also saw an increase in their rates from November to December.

Despite the December number, Starke County still saw its rate drop from 9.0% in January to its current rate of 6.4%.

No Changes in Starke County Schools Accountability Grades for 2015

by rgifford Tue, January 26 2016 20:45

No Starke County school or Culver schools showed any increase in the accountability grades they were given this year from that given in 2014.  Under legislation passed this session by the Indiana General Assembly, no school could receive a lesser grade from last year's grade due to the changes in testing that took place this past year.

Receiving a grade of A for the second year in a row were North Judson-San Pierre Elementary, Knox Elementary, Knox High School. Culver Eelementary, and Culver Middle School.

A grade of B was earned by Oregon-Davis Elementary and Culver High School.

A grade of C was assigned to Oregon-Davis Jr-Sr High School, North Judson-San Pierre Middle School, North Judson-San Pierre High School, and Knox Middle School.



Indiana Unemployment Rate Remains at 4.4% for December

by rgifford Tue, January 26 2016 20:40

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) released its state report this morning showing no change in its rate at 4.4% for the month of December. A total of 10,000 new jobs were created in the monh.

Contiguous states did not fare as well, as three of the four showed modest increases, while Michigan also registered no change, remaining at 5.1%, and the national rate was also unchanged at 5.0%. Illinois and Ohio both went up .2% from November to 5.9% and 4.7% respectively. Kentucky rose by .3% to 5.3%.

National Unemployment Rate Holds at 5.0% for Third Consecutive Month

by rgifford Fri, January 08 2016 17:05

The U.S. unemployment rate remains at 5% for the third consecutive month, despite a good growth in jobs for December with 292,000 jobs created. This puts the jobless rate very close to what economists consider full employment.

Starke County Unemployment Rises Along With Most of State

by rgifford Mon, December 21 2015 22:30

Starke County was one of 89 counties in Indiana that saw their unemployment rate rise during the month of November, with 3 Indiana counties being unchanged, and no county showed a decrease in rate from October, The Starke County rate grew from 5.0% in October to 5.6% in November.

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