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Callisons is the world's leading supplier of mint oils and flavors, serving nearly every region on earth, with their headquarters in Lacey, Washington. Included among their product lines they supply mint oils for toothpaste, mouth rinse, gums, confections, and other culinary seasoning blends to the food and snack industry. In business since 1903, this company has two locations in Starke County – the Specialty Products Group in Hamlet since 2001, and the Storage and Shipping Division in Knox since 1998. In 2008, the company heavily invested in the Hamlet facility, including the construction and installation of one of the largest and most efficient stills used for mint. Callisons continues to invest in both the distribution and warehousing facility and the manufacturing site.

The company purchases a great deal of the mint grown in Starke County to bring cost-effective, unique mint oils to the market. The mint varieties grown in the Midwest region (Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan) include Peppermint, Scotch Spearmint, and Native Spearmint.


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